Stag party checklist

Stag parties are every groom’s perfect way to blow off steam before the wedding. It’s a party whereby he gets to celebrate with his boys responsibly before he ties the knot, which means excellent planning should be done. As you plan a stag party, it’s important that you have a checklist to guide you through. The checklist should entail all the party’s crucial details that will undoubtedly make it a memorable day. They include:

1. Who gets invited

The first thing on your checklist is whom to turn up within the stag party. The best man is responsible for planning the event; therefore, since he knows the groom better, he is better positioned to make the invite list. He may also choose to include surprise guests in the lists, such as the grooms or brides dad, to make the event more fun.

2. Budget

There will undoubtedly be expenses to cater for as you plan the stag party. Budgeting should be done as soon as you pick a date for the event to make contributions prior. There should be an equal distribution on contributions depending on everyone’s capability so that no one feels left or fails to show up because of funds.

3. Venue

A suitable venue for all undoubtedly worth it. Weigh your options between places you have in mind and bring them on the table for a debate before selecting one. As you weigh your options, make sure you also consider the groom’s joy since this day is all about him. You may pick a place that all of you have shared memories with him or one that hosts an activity that he indeed loves.

4. Date

The date of the stag party is an important detail worth not leaving out. It should be one that everyone is comfortable with and in line with the venue booking, you will make. An ideal date to set a stag party is a weekend before the wedding so that you can all have fun together and now look forward to the ceremony ahead.