Turn Up The Turns For A Better Health

According to Bob Marley, when the music hits you, you will not feel pain. Medical studies have proven that music is related to health. As you know, music like flint graffiti transcends entertainment and even holds great medical power from boosting memory to reducing pain. The following are some health benefits of listening to music:

Music and health

Reduces stress

t3wgef62ye7u282i922When you listen to music, you trigger a biochemical response that minimizes stress. This explains why it is used as a tool to decrease anxiety in most cancer patients. For instance, it is used to help patients with Parkinson’s disease relax during surgery. This is because they ought to be awake during the procedure. The music slows neuronal firings deep within a patient’s brain and thereby, reducing trauma and stress. You should note that the choice of music plays an important role since some songs may trigger negative emotions.

Ease pain

Slow music beats help alter the brainwave speed to develop a hypnotic state or meditative state. It is recommended that use of rhythmic stimuli can help induce such states to have a therapeutic effect. In this way, you can ease effects of migraines, PMS, and other behavioral problems.

Boosts cognitive abilities

Background music can enhance performance on the cognitive tasks as it improves the ability of the test takers to answer questions correctly. The choice of music ought to be appropriate to that particular situation. Researchers also believe that there exists a link between the level of music training a child gets and verbal memory.

Soothes babies

Lullabies are played to babies across the world. In fact, they have a great place as far as neonatal intensive care units are concerned. They have been found to improve breathing and heart rates. When babies are exposed to music, they develop better sleep and feeding patterns.

Protects aging brain

tg2w3edfc6hwed7fcu8i2As one ages, music training can help protect mental sharpness. It is said that people who had a lot of music training in the course of their lives have the great mental sharpness and have scored high grades on tests that require brain functioning. In fact, it is never late to start. Recent studies show that people who undertake piano classes exhibit robust gains in verbal fluency, memory, planning abilities, and improved cognitive functions.

Improves exercise performance

Music helps you to overcome distractions when exercising. It is said to boost performance by more than 15%. Some argue that their favorite songs help them keep at a particular pace.…

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